Month: May 2012

Pakistan and the CIA

In case you’d forgotten or not noticed in the first place, this year is an American Presidential election year. That’s right, it’s approaching that time when incumbent Presidents can either stop worrying about being re-elected and start worrying about how history will judge them or will be spending a lot of time writing their memoirs.

Bubbles, Pretty Bubbles: Unfortunately Not in a Champagne Glass.

With the EU currently enjoying some minor financial difficulties, the picture isn’t looking quite so rosy. The EU member state that trades the most with Russia is Germany, and they’re a little preoccupied with Southern Europe right now

Spotted Blog

A bit of literary news and a shameless unsolicited plug. Not actually a plug for my efforts as such, although I can tell you that one of my articles is slated for publication in Latitudes and Attitudes magazine in October or November.

Now, I want to mention an old chum of mine, Larry Jeram-Croft who’s published a couple of cracking good books on Amazon. The first one in the series: Sea Skimmer.

Sea Skimmer is a fictional novel set during the Falklands War. Or is it? Fictional that is. This year is the 30th anniversary of the campaign and Larry, who was a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy at the time of the conflict, is putting extracts with comments from his logbook on his blog…

The Winds of Change are a-blowin’

Are they a  fully blown hurricane of a mere zephyr? I decide to remain, metaphorically speaking, in the Middle East for this article because although interesting events are unfolding in Europe, it’s still too soon to make any assumptions about…

Chapter One. What do you think?

Mildly amusing, nearly wet yourself or a bit boring? Let me know. ——————————————————————— Late August evening, Christmas Day, Boxing Day morning A beautiful early evening in late August, the sort of evening that middle-aged people think that every evening in…

The Great Self Publishing Question…Answered!

As some of you may know, most of you probably as Google stats tells me that vitually all of you come to this blog via my sailing blog, I’ve recently had ‘a bit of a shock’ on the pension front.…