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A Problem shared

Becomes a problem solved. Thanks to everybody who came up with offers of help, some excellent ideas and many, many positive vibes. A special thanks to the person who delivered the solution.
I will put some updated pictures on this blog in a day or so, but the GRP work is almost finished and in the New Year I can get back to work on the interior. If you say it quickly, there’s not that much more to do. Just rebuild the engines, a bit of rewiring, a couple of new halyards, new masthead lights, sail repairs and ‘Bobs yer uncle’.Hopefully back in the water early to mid Feb, but barring anything unforseen the departure from Fiji should take place the end of April. Not quite sure where to right now, the options are direct to Brisbane, Vanuatu then Mackay (QLD) or even Tonga then back down to NZ (nah, probably not!). In any event, early in Jan I’d better start arranging an Aussie multiple entry visa.
Merry Christmas to you all, a safe and prosperous New Year.
Oh, and Santa, a bit of inspiration please. I’m just approaching the three-quarter stage of my new book, I know how it ends but I’m not too sure what happens between now and the end.

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