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A Signed Contract

Breaking Literary news

I have just emailed off my copy of a book contract with Alpha Wolf Publishing.

This is for the first in the series of Eliezer books. It has a (suggested) working title of Eliezer’s Journey but this and other things are now out of my hands.

Although Alpha Wolf do not currently offer any advances (cries of shame, particularly from my long-suffering bank manager) and are a very new company they are a traditional publishing concern.This means that from here on in, apart from my personal efforts to publicise the book, it’s all down to them.

I have no idea of the publication date, price or in fact the eventual title or cover artwork but I will keep you advised of all that. You’ll know all about it just as soon as I do. What I do know is that the book will be published in ebook and paperback formats simultaneously. It will also be available in book stores, should they decide to stock it of course. The royalty percentages are quite generous and it will be interesting to compare my self-publishing efforts with those of Alpha Wolf.

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