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North Korea

North Korea

I wondered why I had nearly three hundred hits in a twenty four hour period then realised that a reader had put a link on a Dutch online newspaper. Thank you whoever did that.

The crisis continues and tellingly whilst NK ups the rhetoric, the USA and South Korea continue to speak softly but are openly gathering big sticks.

A very recent development is that China has massed troops on their border with North Korea and Russia has described the North Korean’s rhetoric and actions as unacceptable. Night is falling for the North Korean regime but whether it will be America or China which is it’s nemesis is unclear. What I think is clear is that Chinese troops on the border are not a sign of Chinese support for the Kim regime.

This crisis may yet pass of course but the signs are that a decision has been taken. It may be that the trigger will be North Korean military action of some description or it may be a further UN resolution authorising the use of force.

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