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A small, slow step forwards

The ‘reading group’ liked Dr Augustus Pierre LeMesurier and subsequently so did Emma the Agent. A final proof read then after the Easter break off to a couple of publishers. As always a slow process, I’m told that it will take three to four months to get a reply. First up I think is a publisher in Australia who has international links (so published and marketed world-wide ~ I hope:), they will accept electronic submissions. In tandem three chapters will be sent to another publisher who will only accept hard-copy (and a maximum of three chapters, initially).
A long drawn-out process. In the meantime ‘DCI Karno’ is busy solving several murders and is proving fun to write. Provided I don’t get too distracted in Fiji (setting sail from New Zealand in about ten days, weather allowing) I should finish the book in about three months.
Still desperately searching for Susan, John, or anybody who can ‘do’ cartoon-type drawings to illustrate Tim. Oh yes, and I see that people are reading the blog (in some rather unexpected places) so please do take a moment to tick one of the boxes or post a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. George says:

    you look slimmer in your picture! Not sure about the goatee beard though. Best wishes and enjoy your time in Fiji, said with gritted teeth as i face the daily grindstone tomorrow. George

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