3-4-3 three books for free.3-4-3

Aha! Proof of at least one sale :)

Thanks Calypso, hope that you enjoy it. I’ve had a number of emails letting me know that sales are on the move, thanks everybody for not only buying the book but taking the trouble to let me know that you’ve done so.
After all the frantic last minute proof-reading and the occasional bit of editing life seems a bit flat right now. I’m hoping that between myself and the publisher and myself we found and corrected all the errors. There might be a problem with the formatting for Iphones, but hopefully that might prove to have been ‘finger trouble.
Looking forward to the publishers’ ‘knees-up’ in Aberdeen on the 1st October, I really must dig out some warm weather clothes soon. In the meantime work on the boat continues and she is begtinning to look like home again.

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