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debated between three and four stars. Call it 3 1/2. There is a plot, and an interesting one at that, although I couldn't figure out how it specifically tied into the disappearances except for general evil mischief. Perhaps the two who disappeared were simply chosen at random and have nothing to do with the rest of it. The book is written mostly in "talking heads" style, with very little to indicate who's speaking, so the reader has to work a bit to make sense of it, and imagine much of the setting and descriptions. Many of the dialog blocks are overly long, and seem to be more lectures or essays than conversation. Having thoroughly enjoyed Bernfeld's detective stories, I expected better. The concept is good; I hope the sequel will be better written.
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Janice Clark

A passenger boards a country bus, but when it arrives he is no longer on board. Only his bus pass can be found, and nobody remembers seeing him get off the bus.
A passenger boards a small commuter aircraft but when it arrives he is no longer on board. Only his briefcase can be found and passengers do not get off aircraft during a flight.
The only thing in common is they both died some hours before they were seen boarding the bus and the commuter aircraft.
The last thing newly-appointed Vicar, Bahati Barnikel, expected was to find herself confronting the Powers of Darkness in a quiet Hampshire village. The Church knew that something was wrong, that some diabolical plan was in the wind, and chose their champion with care. Now its up to her to save the village and its inhabitants, but the enemy is closer at hand than she imagines.

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