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Really enjoyed this, murder, mystery & intrigue with the added bonus of humour. The author has the knack of making you chuckle whilst still keeping an enthralling plot going. Silly plotline? Probably, but life's too serious & I'm looking forward to the next book!


Detective Chief Inspector Leon (Fred) Karno of the Cornishire CID knows damn well that he is walking into a trap when new information about two cold cases, which may or may not be connected, comes to light. He has some difficult questions to answer.
Who sent the mysterious emails from Guyana?
Where the hell is Guyana anyway?
Who stole his old friend’s cremation?
Why do female Tapirs always look so happy?
Why did pirates of the Caribbean need accountants?
In the course of answering these and other questions, Karno finds himself taking the SAS ‘shoot anything that moves and blow up anything that doesn’t’, course.
Putting his new, hard-earned skills to fairly good use, with the aid of an unlikely team including a very dodgy diamond dealer and an alcoholic ex- SAS trooper, he tracks his quarry down to an island in the Essequibo River.Or has his quarry simply lured him there? Karno himself is unsure, and Essequibo Nell, who might know the answer, isn’t saying.
The final confrontation between the old adversaries sees Karno shot and unconscious, with no sign of his arch foe.
Download the book now to learn the answer to all these questions, and to learn the identity of the ex-SAS trooper.

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