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Done and Dusted!

Well, maybe. I’ve done all the ‘homework’ that ‘Miss Emma’ insistes on, chapter synopsis, book synopsis, contents table etc etc. I’ve actually edited about four thousand words out of the book, which I think makes it a lot tighter and keeps the story moving forward. Now I need another pair of eyes to look it over, so having gone through it twice I decided to send it off to Emma. As well as being an agent she does a mean job of editing (no, none of the observations are actually mean, but criticism can be a bit painful, I mean, wot I write is perfec, innit? Peeple spel there names differentely every ovver day and wot’s this plot consistency thingy?)

So, off to see ‘Bazza of Brizzie’ tomorrow. Should be back in Sunny Suva on the 2nd March. If there’s any news about anything, of course I’ll let you know, but in the meantime although I thought that I was going to be taking a break, Book Three in the Eliezer trilogy has started buzzing around inside my head so…..

So I’m going to write the book synopsis first! Then I think I’ll try and write a chapter synopsis, and at some point expand it. Well, that’s the plan at the moment. Then of course there’s the research. Speaking of which…

Don’t asky why, but I need an insight into how a Hareidi femail scientist (could there be such a person?) would interact with work colleagues. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you can’t help, but thanks for offering! And I told you, don’t ask why!

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