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Happy Christmas

Looking at the stats on the blog, I see I have readers from quite literally all round the world. Right now, it’s Christmas day, 0745, so as good a time as any to wish everybody an enjoyable Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.
I’m almost on the ‘home straight’ with Eliezer 2 (working title ‘Eliezer’s Return’), eighteen chapters down and probably about ten more to go. Unfortunately, there’s been a ‘developement’ in the plot, which means a rewrite of the last chapter, but that’s the joy of writing, even though you may have a plot in mind, the characters seem to come alive and go their own way!
I’ll post a ‘taster of two’ in a day or so, once I’ve worked out which ‘taste’ won’t give too much away, in the meantime thanks to everybody who’ve sent messages of support, hope I’ll meet up with at least some of you this coming sailing season.

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