I’m not a belieber but…

Tricky moment

Unless you count being a member of a brass band which won the UK national youth championships and played in the Royal Albert Hall I’ve never been a member of a ‘boy band’ and sadly, with the passage of time I could now only be a member of an ‘Old Boy band’. My encounters with adoring fans can be counted on the fingers of one hand which has had an unfortunate encounter with a chain saw. OK, somebody once asked for my autograph when I played the drums in a rock band which was almost on the verge of getting somewhere, maybe, but that’s it. However I was once nineteen and I seem to remember being embarrassingly crass and somewhat gauche, or was that last week? Us old boy superstars have difficulty remembering sometimes.

Be that as it may I have some sympathy with young Justin Bieber. On a visit to Amsterdam you take a tour of the Anne Frank museum instead of wandering around Canal Strasse with your tongue (or anything else) hanging out or getting blasted in a cafe. At the end of the tour you’re offered an opportunity to write a comment in the visitor’s book. Being a celeb you of course can’t refuse and you have around three nano-seconds to think of something pithy to say. Bieber didn’t come up with anything worthwhile but let’s give the kid a break, he probably doesn’t have to come up with¬† profound observations every day of the week, or indeed most likely any day of the week. Maybe Anne and several million other teenagers would have been¬† beliebers but sadly we’ll never know and that’s the profound thought


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  1. Vincent
    April 16, 2013 at 01:50

    A nice thought, though she seems to have had high standards in music.

    April 11 1944: Sunday afternoon Peter came to see me at four-thirty, at my invitation. At five-
    fifteen we went to the front attic, where we stayed until six. There was a
    beautiful Mozart concert on the radio from six to seven-fifteen; I especially
    enjoyed the Kleine Nachtmusik. I can hardly bear to listen in the kitchen, since
    beautiful music stirs me to the very depths of my soul.

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