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Interesting Exercise

trying to write a play, that is. Firstly almost 99% of the ‘action’ has to be dialogue-based, then you have to consider the size of the stage and what ‘props’ might be feasible.
In this case, I envisage a very simple set with minimal props, almost the sort of thing that you could put on in a pub or a very small theatre. Thinking about dialogue, I realised I had to leave room for an actors interpretation of the character whilst leaving enough ‘clues’ in the script. The thing you didn’t see in the taster was a character synopsis, because that’s still evolving. I could write this as a short story fairly rapidly, but translating it into a script is proving more difficult. Perhaps the trick is to write it as a short story first then convert it?
No other news I’m afraid, although this time of year I’m not expecting any.

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