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Interesting News

A publishing house has liked and expressed interest in ‘A Man out of Time’. Emma the agent tells me that subject to her vetting it, a contract will be issued in July. The plan is that the book will be published in E format initially and if it’s well received then a paper version will follow.
Until the contract is a ‘done deal’ I won’t mention who it’s with, but all costs are to be met by the publisher so this is not any form of vanity/self publishing.
Good news at last. I’ve also been told to crack on with the follow-on book, so my current project is going onto the back-burner. Hopefully, now that the news on the boat-front is also brighter, I’ll be able to start writing this weekend, or at least during next week.
The LeMesurier book is still doing the rounds, but Trembling Tim needs some editing.

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