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Interesting or worrying?

Having written about writers block, there now appears an ad for a computer programme to ‘unblock’ the block. The Internet may be a wonderful thing but THEY are watching you!
Anyway, the block has unblocked itself. I’ve now finished editing/ reviewing/ proof- reading the first ten chapters of Eliezer2. There are about another three ‘out of sequence’ chapters written, they’re next then it’s onwards ( and hopefully upwards). One advantage of walking everywhere is you get ideas popping up all the time. It’s a pity that the little audio recorder I had got ‘deep- sixed’ because I’m not sure that I’ll remember all the ideas.
This weekend I intend to write another couple of chapters, but for today the boat has priority, I didn’t go down to the club yesterday due to ‘pressure of work’ ( i.e. editing). More pictures of workin progress, I suspect, this weekend.

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