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Karno returns


He’s back!

Former Detective Chief Inspector Leon ‘Fred’ Karno recently retired from the Cornishire CID has been knighted for ‘Services to the Crown, unspecified’ as a result of his exploits recounted in The Kaieteur Caper. Now in practice as a Private Investigator with his old friend Wild Bill Hiscock, ex beach bum, ex SAS trooper, ex gentleman of the road and current alcoholic acting as his practice manager he has also acquired a live-in housekeeper, the barking mad Missus ‘O’, Carenza O’Shaughnessy although he has no idea how this came about.

Who is contaminating Penhaligons Original Cornishire pasties and why. Is it connected with a devious plan by Lancelot Penhaligon the Managing Director to genetically engineer a breed of cold-resistant camels to sell to the Inuit to replace Huskies or might it be that Penhaligon is trying to produce a breed of pre-shrunk, carnivorous tree-climbing camels to sell to African game parks as a deterrent to ivory poachers? Is Penhaligon disposing of the non-surviving camels by adding the camel meat to Penhaligon’s pasties and if so why would he damage his own company?  Is Wild Bill right when he says that green pasties are camels?

Out very soon:

In fact the ebook version will most likely be available from Amazon by the time you read this. As always, the paperback version takes a little longer, not helped by the CreateSpace site playing up a bit at the moment but don’t worry, it will be available very soon!

Book Covers:

As always, well at least since she did the first cover for me, for The Kaieteur Caper, my daughter Pauline has done a great job. The ebook version you saw at the start of this article now below you can see what the paperback cover will look like. The text in italics is what you’ll read on the back cover.



In this first case in the Karno PI series, Karno attempts to discover who is sabotaging the premier Cornishire pastie company Penhaligons and more importantly why. Could it possibly be that his old nemesis Martin has somehow survived the Kaieteur Falls or is the involvement of the CIA (Cornishire Independence Agenda) merely a coincidence? Is Wild Bill correct in thinking that there is a plan to genetically engineer a breed of cold resistant camels to sell to the Inuit as replacements for Huskies or might the plan be to sell pre-shrunk, tree-climbing carnivorous camels to African game reserves to deter ivory poachers?

Karno considers these and other problems in this latest madcap case.

 Other news:

Solstice, my American publisher has been hard at work as well. I’ve approved a bio and back cover blurb for ‘Doctor Augustus Pierre LeMesurier and Jack the Ripper’.

In Victorian London, Dr. Augustus Pierre LeMesurier began his medical career as a surgeon but soon found himself drawn to the fledgling fields of hypnosis and psychology. Here he discovered the power of the mind in healing the body, and found how one person’s memory might seem to stretch across many lifetimes. In the midst of his discoveries, he learned the workings of the criminal mind.

Fifteen years ago, a serial killer stalked the city. Then, LeMesurier’s unique skills in delving into the secrets of the darkest of human minds brought him to the attention of the British Secret Service and Scotland Yard. Now, a new terror walks the streets. LeMesurier is called from his private practice and is again enlisted by Scotland Yard. Is this the same killer as before, and, if so, why is there a gap between the murderous sprees?

The only thing they have is a name: Jack the Ripper.









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