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New book alert.

I’m in the final stages of editing the collection of sci-fi short stories. In the meantime, daughter Pauline has been working faster than I have and she’s produced an eye-catching cover. Well, I think it’s eye-catching, what do you think? In fact, I think it’s better than some of the covers produced by Solstice–but just possibly I’m a little prejudiced. Be that as it may, hopefully the book will be uploaded by the end of this week–so that means next week, let’s be honest here! In the meantime, the ‘backblurb’ for your delectation.

As always, your comments are welcome.

Sing-a-Song-of-Saturn cover

Technology. Wonderful hi tec/nu tec toys. How did we ever manage without all the stuff we have now? And there’s more to come, much more. It makes life so much simpler whilst making it so much more complex.

How would you deal with Artificial Intelligence (AI) if it was installed in a sulking washing machine?

Teleportation sounds a great way to get around—no more queues at airports and hours spent in the cramped, germ-ridden environment that is modern airline travel. Might there be a downside, though? What if your body becomes a 3D printed copy of the original and something goes wrong during the copying process?

Manned space exploration is romantic, heroic and maybe even necessary for human survival, but with an AI unit in charge of the mission, what would the role of the human crew members actually be?

Electric vehicles may be the future of surface transportation. Does this mean that the traditional gun firing, tyre squealing cops and robbers car chase is a thing of the past?

Author Peter N Bernfeld takes a quirky look at technology, both on the drawing boards and imagined but yet- to -be invented, and discovers some hidden snags that nobody seems to have thought of.


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