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New contracts with Solstice Publishing

I arrived at Lagoi anchorage on Bintan Island, Indonesia a couple of days ago and had some connectivity problems. These were easily resolved the day after arrival by the local Telekomsel office and it was lucky that they were. Once I accessed my inbox I found a request from Emma the Agent to sign new contracts and the deadline was the end of this week. Anyway, the contracts were duly electronically signed and sent off. Emma promptly acknowledged receipt so that’s all done and dusted. The contracts aren’t much different although interestingly the royalty payments, percentage-wise, are higher than the payments for ebooks. Still no word on publication dates but I’ll start to chase that next week, once I’m in Malaysia and have set up Internet access.


In the meantime, in the middle of an electrical storm the other night whilst sailing en route to Lagoi, metaphorical lightning struck and I now have the plot of the next Karno adventure. Some words have been committed to hard disk and whilst I can’t commit myself to a publication date I’m thinking maybe before Christmas…no promises mind! Sales continue to be slow but thanks to those of you who have purchased the Kaieteur Caper. As always feedback is welcome and reviews on Amazon even more so.

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