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New month, new resolutions and a free download

How to fail:

Simple really; set an unrealistic set of goals then get depressed as the month progresses and I fail to meet them. For example, I have been doing a touch typing course. The course recently announced ‘congratulations, you can now type using ten fingers.’ Well, sort of I suppose but in typing this I keep finding that I’m looking at the keys and using the ‘wrong’ fingers. This is a result of looking whilst I am typing instead of just looking at the screen. I’m looking because my goal is to type faster. I’m failing partially because I’m looking, therefore my goal is too ambitious and in the short term at least, unachievable.

To be accurate, what the course actually said was ‘now that you can type using ten fingers we will work on your speed etc etc’.

What I actually typed was–npw thay you can type using reb fingers we will wouk on yout soeed–hmmm–I sense that I have more work to do.

How to succeed:

Right now, my goal is simply to not look at the keyboard, correct the inevitable mistakes, use the correct fingers and accept that for the moment I could type faster using two fingers. Frustrating in the short term but in the end I’ll achieve my goal….pay attention in the back, this may take some time to complete!

Another goal is to boost my book sales. To this end I have set up a ‘giveaway’ of The Poisoned Pastie’, the last book–so far at least– in the Karno series. Yes folks, from the 7th until the 9th of this month, November, you can acquire this humorous tome absolutely free for three days. Available on an Amazon site near you. If you enjoy it, please leave a review. Speaking of reviews, somebody left one I liked, although they didn’t like the book. They posted ‘Not to my taste’– very witty, I thought.


Of course, simply making it free is not going to achieve a whole lot on its own so I have also paid to have the ‘giveaway’ publicised on fifty sites which list free books. This cost the princely sum of US$40. Time will tell if it was money well spent but in the meantime I have embarked on a course of action which is achievable, en route to the end goal . Anybody wanting to do something similar, the place to set it up is here. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have also been busy on Twitter. Now personally  I am not totally convinced about Twitter.  Having said that, I have noticed a slight increase in the traffic to my blog site. Perseverance is what it’s all about. This has taken me roughly twice as long to type as it usually does but it will be worth it in the end–I think.

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