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One (a)cross: Irate email produces results

Hats off to Solstice. OK, something had gone a bit awry when it came to uploading manuscripts to CreateSpace, Amazon’s print-on-demand site. After a calm email exchange–no, really–things have started moving and ‘The Mysterious Dr LeMesurier’ is now available in paperback.

The Mysterious D M

In Victorian London, Dr. Augustus Pierre LeMesurier began his medical career as a surgeon but soon found himself drawn to the fledging fields of hypnosis and psychology. Here he discovered the power of the mind in healing the body, and found how one person’s memory might seem to stretch across many lifetimes. In the midst of his discoveries, he learned the workings of the criminal mind.

Fifteen years ago, a serial killer stalked the city. Then, LeMesurier’s unique skills in delving into the secrets of the darkest of human minds brought him to the attention of the British Secret Service and Scotland Yard. Now, a new terror walks the streets. LeMesurier is called from his private practice and is again enlisted by Scotland Yard. Is this the same killer as before, and, if so, why is there a gap between the murderous sprees?

The only thing they have is a name: Jack the Ripper.


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