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Printing whilst jumping through hoops

Eliezer’s return:

Is now available in print format. Other titles are being ‘chased-up’.

Jumping through hoops:

Other news from Blighty concerns flying and renewing my ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).


By popular demand, I’m about to undertake another couple of editing jobs…..

Books in print:

I’m pleased to say that Eliezer’s Return is now available as a paperback. The ‘eagle-eyed and keen’ amongst you will have realised that Eliezer’s Journey, the first book in the trilogy, is not yet available in print! This was an oversight and is now being rectified. Also the ‘Trembling Tim’ books, ‘The Terrific Tales of Trembling Tim’  and ‘The Legend of Tim Turpin’ should be in print soon, as will ‘The Mysterious Dr. LeMesurier’. Links are for Amazon UK but if you are registered on another site then I’m sure Amazon will point you in the right direction when you come to place your order.

Jumping through hoops:

Unexpectedly, a particularly fine judge of ‘horse flesh’ offered me a flying job back in the UK. My ATPL had actually lapsed back in 2011, so to get it renewed I’ve had to go through the initial aircrew medical again. This involves, due to age, a stress ECG. Seeing as I’ve been under considerable stress for the last two years now and have not clutched my chest and keeled over, I’m not unduly worried about this (fingers firmly crossed, of course). There are also a couple of other age-related tests as well as a security check to get through. Naturally, having been afloat for most of the last five years (at least when not perched on various reefs in the Pacific) I am not able to supply five years’ worth of addresses. ‘SV Troutbridge Bay of Islands, New Zealand’ and ‘SV Troutbridge, Fannie Bay Darwin’ (to name but two of the myriad anchorages visited) may not cut the mustard, we shall have to see what ‘officialdom’ thinks.

More news on this later, but for those keen to undertake a boat project, there may be a certain catamaran available in a month or so. Trouters will be on the market, if it all goes according to plan of course, ‘as is where is’. You have been fore-warned.


I’ve finished one editing job and the book, ‘The Parradine Allure’ is now available from Amazon. Seemingly the author was happy with my editing efforts because she requested that I edit her next book. I’m just ‘putting together’ another book for the author’s final approval and blow me down. Solstice asked me to edit yet another book, this one by a British Author. It never rains but it pours. Nice to be busy of course, but with possibly an aircraft conversion course coming up, when will I find time to write my own books? I have the third part of the ‘Eliezer trilogy’ written in my mind, but as other authors will know ‘written in the mind’ is totally different to being ‘on the hard drive’. To cap it all, Karno is demanding that I write up a couple of his more recent successes in the world of private investigation. I initially demurred, but he sent Bill and Mrs ‘O’ round to see me. How could I possibly refuse? Watch this space.

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