3-4-3 three books for free.3-4-3

Q:Why are books like buses?


For a long time, in this case almost three years, nothing either comes along or happens and then it all happens at once!

Eliezer's JourneyEliezer’s Journey should be available from all eBook sites within the next twenty four hours. As soon as I have a link I’ll post it of course but everything has been checked and passed so all that remains is for it to be uploaded.

Eliezer’s return is being ‘gone through’ at the moment. I’m waiting to see the illustrator’s ideas for cover art.




I’ve suggested an illustration for Terrific Tales of trembling Tim the two-tone tiger.



I think this looks pretty good and sets the tone of the whole book.





In the meantime I’ve indicated a preference for the cover illustration of The Legend of Tim Turpin.




I’m not sure if this is the one that will be used but it looks pretty good to me!




So that’s it for now. Unfortunately I can’t access any sales information for the books published by Solstice but the indications are that a few have been sold from Amazon UK. The book entered the sales ranking at #57,000 which is not very impressive of course but does indicate that some were sold.

Links as soon as I have them.

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