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My New Year resolution is not to make any New Year resolutions, which begs the question can you make a resolution not to make any resolutions? Moving swiftly on—

My plans for 2015—writing plans that is—are to self-publish two new books, one Sci-fi and the other alternative history. The Sci-fi book might well turn into a small collection of short stories, provisionally titled ‘Sing a song of Saturn’. I did have a plot for a full-length novel but then–as is almost inevitable–I had further thoughts on the subject. I decided it might be fun to look at how technology could change the plots of other genres and how the actual contents of a story might be affected, for example how would you write about a car chase in which both cars were electric and needed re-charging every hundred miles? Would the participants in the chase tacitly agree to ignore each other whilst waiting for the charging process to be finished? The Keystone Cops might be alive and well in the twenty-first century! I also pondered the morality of destroying alien life forms whilst attempting to wreak vengeance on the rest of humanity and I have a stirring speech in mind for the first person to set foot on Mars.








Hopefully if this has caught your imagination you will, hopefully, be able to read the book sometime in late February. Picture courtesy of NASA. They really were most obliging and sent a spacecraft specially to take this photo. One of the stories might explain the sunbeds…..or not, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Later in in the year I’ll be re-writing the history of the Second World War, from September 1943 onwards. Forgive me for not giving anything else away.

I also have an urge—steady on lad—to finish the Eliezer trilogy. At least one reader has said they wonder what happens next. I do know, or at least I have copious notes which lead me to suspect that I know, how it all ends up. That will be a project for the end of the year, although of course if sales suddenly pick up then I may have to burst into print sooner rather than later.

I think that’s about it for now. I am now the proud possessor of an IPhone six which I am assured will ‘mate’ with my laptop so presumably this will be posted before the start of 2015. That being the case,  I wish you all a fun New Year’s Eve and no hangovers that a certain fizzy concoction can’t get rid of.





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