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Slight confusion on the contract front

Things were going well:

Two out of the three books contracted to Solstice had been assigned proof readers. The first Trembling Tim book and Eliezer’s Journey. An illustrator was assigned to do the EJ book and we’ve had an exchange or two of emails. I should see some ideas by this coming weekend I’ve been told.

Then I had a request for a ‘blurb’ for the LeMesurier book, dedication and acknowledgements and a form to fill out to aid an illustrator visualise what I wanted. This was all duly done and sent off…

Then things got better:

I suddenly noticed that there was a request for a ‘blurb’ and artistic guidance for the second Tim book, The Legend of Tim Turpin. Hang on a minute, I hadn’t seen a contract for that one. An email to Emma winged it’s way to NZ fifth-with.

Oopsie, there was a contract which for some reason stayed in the ‘to go’ box. It’s now been signed and blasted off but interestingly in the confusion of the Solstice buyout of Alpha Wolf publishing nobody noticed that there wasn’t a signed contract. That doesn’t necessarily bode well of course but as it’s worked to my benefit I’m not jumping up and down about it.

So there you have it, four books with Solstice and by the looks of it all four on the go. Can it get better? well yes it could…I’ll let you know when and where you can buy them.

In the meantime:

Executive graphics director daughter Pauline has returned from holiday and with a bit of luck will be working on the latest Karno cover also this coming weekend. My weekend for art appreciation perhaps?

Last but not least:

I’ve had an idea for the next (non-Karno) self-published book. It looks like this one will be set about twenty five years in the future and involve vacutrains and a United Federal States of Europe. I do know a bit more than that but you’ll have to wait. It will probably be self-published unless Solstice work wonders with any of the four books they already have, in which case I might let Emma the Agent have it.

Watch this space.



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