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A  bit of literary news and a shameless unsolicited plug. Not actually a plug for my efforts as such, although I can tell you that one of my articles is slated for publication in Latitudes and Attitudes magazine in October or November.

Now, I want to mention an old chum of mine, Larry Jeram-Croft who’s published a couple of cracking good books on Amazon. The first one in the series: Sea Skimmer.

Sea Skimmer is a fictional novel set during the Falklands War. Or is it? Fictional that is. This year is the 30th anniversary of the campaign and Larry, who was a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy at the time of the conflict, is putting extracts with comments from his logbook on his blog.

For those who’ve read the book this will be a fascinating insight into the truth behind the fiction (always supposing the book is fiction). For those merely interested in military history it will provide a glimpse of what it was like to sail to the South Atlantic and go to war. OK, unsolicited plug over (er, cheque in the post then Old Boy?….. just kidding, this will come as a surprise to Larry. A pleasant one I hope).

To finish the literary news on a personal note, it would seem that Emma the Agent has found an illustrator for the Trembling Tim stories. I’ve seen some initial drawings and although there’s some ‘fine tuning’ to do, it’s all looking hopeful. More news as and when I have some.


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