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A tail of two Tims

Before you blast my spelling, ‘tail’ was deliberate. Why? Because both  my children’s illustrated books,Terrific tales of trembling Tim the two tone tiger and The Legend of Tim Turpin are now available in eBook format from the usual outlets. I’d suggest you need to read them on a colour Kindle or IPad for best effect and I’m not certain at the moment when they’ll be published in paperback.

Anyway, now for the links:

If you buy from Amazon.com:

The Legend of Tim Turpin

The Terrific Adventures of Trembling Tim The Two Tone Tiger

To order from Amazon UK

The Legend of Tim Turpin

The Terrific Tales of Trembling Tim the Two Tone Tiger

Tim TurpinMeet pie-maker and bumbling highwayman Tim Turpin and the real brains behind the robberies, Betsey the talking horse. Follow their adventures in Merrie England as Tim gets taken for a ride from London to York.
Laugh as Betsey patiently teaches Tim how to ride without falling into a river or landing up in a gorse bush. Read how they almost robbed a bank and escaped from gaol after they were caught.
Suitable as a bed-time story or the book can be read and laughed at by age range eight and up.

Trembling Tim.jpgThe origins of the Trembling Tim stories stretch back many years to the time when the author read his own daughter bedtime stories. As well as the usual collection of classics, she liked to hear stories made-up from events that she had heard and seen during the day. Sometimes explanations were necessary, and sometimes a bit of judicious editing was needed if she had overheard something that small children should not.

Remembering this, the author decided to write stories that would engage children and offer the opportunity for them to interact with the storyteller. These are not stories for lazy parents, children will ask some questions. The stories are suitable at those in the six/seven and up age group, either as read stories or as stories read by the child. The illustrations add to the fun of interaction and the plots involve events and themes that they would have heard their parents discussing, or might perhaps have heard about on television. Children absorb more than most adults appreciate, even if they might not understand what they are absorbing.
As well as interacting with their children, parents reading the stories will readily recognise and identify with the events behind the stories. The author has avoided any graphic details or innuendos that might make explanations difficult or even embarrassing for the adult.
It is possible for adults to read these stories with adult eyes and for children to hear them through children’s ears. The themes cover most aspects of human life, relationships, politics and even the eternal question of good verses evil.
Children will have been exposed to all these things in one form or another and the stories provide a platform for parents to explore these ideas with their children.

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