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The winds of change

A gentle breeze?

For reasons that will become clear I have postponed my returned to Malaysia.

Wind in the hair?

I’ve had a haircut. Why have shorter hair in a cold(er) climate?

Relentlessly editing:

Pounding the keys, and pavement, for hours every day. Clearing the decks? Getting fit?

So what is going on?

Why ask me, do I ever know what’s going on? Well actually, in this case, yes I do…sort of.

I’ve postponed the return to Malaysia because I have to have a medical. I need to be passed as ‘sound of wind, limb and eye’…or not, before I make any further plans. For those ‘in the know’, the medical involves a trip to the Belgrano, at ‘Gatportairwick’. For those not in the know… well there are known unknowns,unknown unknowns and total gibberish.

Oh OK, I’m having an aircrew medical (at Gatwick, home of the ‘Air Ministry’).


I’ll tell you later. In the meantime I’m finishing-off the two editing projects I’m currently engaged in. Speaking of editing, ‘Eliezer’s Return’ has now been approved by me and is being prepared for publication. Exciting stuff and I’ll keep you informed of progress.

Footprints on sand dune close up










So, has a fine judge of horseflesh offered me a job? Some might think that but I couldn’t possibly comment, particularly as it might ‘come to naught’.

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