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Work in progress has progressed

Amazing what you can do when you run into a self-imposed deadline and the self-imposed penalty for missing it is no more ice-cream for a Sunday treat! [yes, the diet is going well, thank you for asking].

Victor in the Netherworld is now available in Kindle format and CreateSpace~Amazon’s paperback publishing arm~ are reviewing the paperback files. This normally takes about twenty-four hours, so hopefully the book will be available the middle of the coming week. I will let you know when it is available. V1

So, what now?

As you will see when you’ve read Victor in the Netherworld, I’ve set the scene for a series about Victor’s early life. If~or when~ I go ahead with this project, I’m thinking I’ll write them as straight-forward thrillers, but then I’ve  thought that before about other books.

I have a tentative project to write another Tim book~an illustrated children’s story~as always  John LD Barnett will produce the illustrations, he  suggested the idea to me a couple of years ago, after we had worked together on The Legend of Tim Turpin~shortly to be released by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

I also have an idea–well, actually I’ve done some research already so it’s more than just an idea–for an alternative history novel, set in  World War Two. It would be a full-length novel and could well take  four or five months to write the first draft. I’ve rather enjoyed writing the novellas, even though I fell badly behind schedule with this last one. If you recall, the idea was to publish three or four novellas in quick succession, in an attempt to boost my visibility as an author. I have another ‘cunning scheme’ on the go at the moment as well, but I’ll tell you about that another time. I will probably spend a bit (lot) more time on marketing, I have a marketing course to work through after all. I did hear a good idea on a podcast the other day, about publishing short stories in quick succession. Brilliant, really. Write the damn things first and then publish them about a week apart–now why didn’t I think of that? For those interested in hearing more about the world of self-publishing, a chap called Simon Whistler produces a weekly podcast, Rocking self publishing, where he interviews successful self published authors. Simon, I’m waiting for your call!

In the meantime, Crimson Cloak have published their Halloween anthology of horror stories and yes, I have a story in there as well. The proceeds of the sales go to a cancer charity, I think an American one, as Crimson Cloak are an American publishing house. Anyway, neither I nor Crimson Cloak make any money out of this project–all proceeds from the sales go to the charity, so if you want to support a good cause and have an engaging read at the same time,

They are all links to US sites, but readers from other countries will be redirected to their appropriate sites. Crimson Cloak publish about four anthologies a year, proceeds going to various charities, John and I have an illustrated story in the one coming out just before Christmas this year.
Well, that’s it for now. I must admit to feeling at a bit of a loss at the moment, with no immediate writing task to do. I’m pleased to say that book sales are up slightly–well nobody thought it would all happen overnight, did they?
Ice cream for Sunday breakfast? Well, dammit why not!

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