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Work on the paperback edition

I’ve been sent a galley of the paperback edition. A few typos to correct but the publisher has found a ‘last minute’ editor so we’re still on track to have the paperback available in pre-release format at the ‘publisher’s shindig’ in Aberdeen on the 1st October. I’ve had one report of possible Kindle formatting problems and one of Iphone formatting ‘issues’. Both have been forwarded to the publisher who is actively looking into it. I see that I now have one review, thanks for that. As always all comments/feedback welcome. I’ve been too busy with repairing the boat to do any writing this last month or so, but the second book in the series was coming along nicely and hopefully when I’m back in the UK for a month I should be able to make major progress. About 40% of the book has been written, all the research has been done and the twists and turns of the plot are clear in my mind; all I have to do now is finish it!

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