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The Legend of Tim Turpin

Peter N Bernfeld’s clever tongue-in-cheek story of the famous thieving duo of tiger and horse will delight children and adults alike. It is amusingly illustrated throughout by John L D Barnett.

On the run from the King’s Redcoats after buying stolen meat to make the pies he sells, tiger Tim Turpin is left destitute after the stagecoach in which he is fleeing is held up by a highwayman. This gives him the idea for a new career. Soon, Tim and his opinionated horse Betsey (she doesn’t “do” carts) become famous Highway robbers who steal from the rich to give to the poor: after deduction of a suitable management fee, of course. When they hold up the beautiful squirrel Lady Hazel de Mille, her influential boyfriend Sir Cecil Skunk plots revenge, but it seems that Tim stole the lady’s heart as well as her purse on that fateful day.

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