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My other blog chronicles my trip (almost) around the World on a small sailing boat, which started from the UK and came to a  temporary grief on a reef in Fiji. The boat and I eventually made it to Malaysia, where a change in circumstances meant I had to sell her. Read all about it at:

‘Sarf & West mate, Sarf & West’


The blog of a good friend and a fellow self-publisher – Larry Jeram-Croft.
Larry spent thirty years in the Royal Navy as a test pilot (amongst other things). After leaving in 2000, he worked in industry before deciding on a change of lifestyle; that of living on his boat with his wife Fiona in the Caribbean (and drinking rum). Having done that (and got several tee shirts) they returned to the UK, and bought a narrow boat (canal boat). Having sold that, Larry spends his time writing and getting new hips fitted–rumour has it that the next project, after the new hip has bedded in, is something to do with the International Space Station– If you like ripping naval yarns, you’ll love his books.

STOP PRESS: they’ve just got themselves another canal boat

Larry Jeram Croft

A chap called Simon Whistler produces a weekly podcast at Rocking Self Publishing.com. You’ll hear from successful self-published authors, and the website contains much, much more than the podcasts. If you’re interested in writing, check it out.