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A productive weekend

The weather here in Fiji has been pretty damn wet these last few days, in fact I read that the rainfal last week was ‘the most intensive anywhere on the planet’. That meant that I spent the entire weekend writing.It didn’t as it happens actually rain much, but it looked like it was about to most of the time. After a booze-free week last week, that meant a brisk walk to the nearest supermarket for wine and some cheese. How provincial my dears!
Almost there with “Elieser’s Return”. My chapter plans indicate 1.5 more to write, although of course this may change as things get put down on the hard drive. I’ve found making chapter plans really does seem to help things along, although you can get bogged down in detail and spent many minutes/hours tracking down old place names and investigating new locations. Sometimes you have to say ‘well, it’s fiction, so I’ll make it up’. Take it from me there are no floor plans of Solomons palace in Jerusalem, or none that I’ve been able to track down at any rate.
So, most likely finishing the book this week or by next weekend. I think a final spell/grammar check will be in order, although I only have Word 2000 on this machine. Yes, I’m still bloody Macless, the spare parts STILL have not arrived, so my usual industry-standard Word 2003/4 is missing right now. On the other hand, last week I took the IPad into an Internet cafe and downloaded Pages. I haven’t played with it yet, but I’ve read on another writers blog that it is compatable with Word. Maybe I’ll start Eliezer 3 on it and see what happens, small amounts of text I can email easily enough.
Speaking of the next project, Eliezer 3 or something different? I think I’d like to take a break from time travel. I have a couple of chapters of ‘Karno’ written and it might be instructive to chapter plan that out and see if that makes life easier. Whatever, I do need to put E’s Return to one side for a couple of weeks then edit it, despite the temptation to dash it off to Emma the Agent. Mind you, I still have to write the book synopsis and chapter summaries for her, trust me writing the book is relatively straightforward, it’s preparing the submission that’s the really tedious bit! Having said that, I stumbled across this which at first glance tells me I should write the synopsis first! I guess it depends on your working style, but after I’ve internalised this, I’ll give it a go. Writing is a learning process, isn’t it?

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