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All systems go?

I’ve signed the contract and I believe Emma the Agent has as well, so just waiting for the publisher. I’ve seen a new proposal for the front cover, which both Emma and I like so that’s pretty much settled, and I’ve sent a short ‘bio’ and an even shorted ‘dedication’ for the book.


So now we wait. I’m hoping that the book will be coming out this week. If I understand correctly it will be possible to download the book directly from the publisher in pdf format which a Kindle reader automatically converts. At least, that’s what I thought I understood from the publishers website.
Now for yet another Sunday Lunch. I’m really not too sure where this last week has gone. Oh yes, work on a follow-on book is progressing reasonably well. I’ve edited what was already written and researched a few more ideas so the story is reasonably clear in my mind.
I’ve not heard anything from Latitudes & Attitudes magazine yet, but early days. The Guernsey Press ran an article on me that was basically lifted from my blog, http://blog.mailasil.com/troutbridge but unfortunately they didn’t get it quite right. They have promised to print a follow-up article on August 2nd, with corrections. We’ll see!

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