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Annan takes time out to read a new book


As Mr Annan says, the finger pointing and name calling continues. In the meantime innocent people continue to be killed and the situation is no nearer becoming resolved. I doubt that Anan’s  resignation will have come as any surprise, expect a number of laudatory statements, expressions of regret and then business as usual. It would seem that Russia is doing just enough to keep Assad going, but not enough to enable him to win.

I still think that Syria will fragment. There are also worrying developments in Jordan, with refugee camps full to overflowing and the locals becoming alarmed at the numbers of refugees crossing the border. The worst case scenario there is a Sunni-inspired revolution against the Hashemite dynasty. Why do I say that? The Hashemites and their supporting tribal networks are a minority in Jordan. The majority of the population has connections to the Palestinians. If the Palestinians cannot browbeat the Israelis into an agreement over a Palestinian state on the West Bank, they might be tempted, or at least some might be tempted, to establish a Palestinian State in Jordan. If that sounds far-fetched just consider that they tried it in the 1970s. Then Israel gave tacit support to the then reigning King Hussein. This time they might be tempted to stand aside and let things take their own course.

Exactly where that would leave the Hamas regime in Gaza remains to be seen.

An interesting perspective on the Assad’s regime tactics can be found here.

Now I am a paperback writer

It’s the proof reading stupid!

After a week of reformatting, proof reading, submitting and reviewing. Then several repeats, I’ve finally signed off on the paperback version of ‘Kittie Cracks Case’.

It should be available sometime next week on Amazon.UK and Amazon.com. As soon as I have a link I’ll post it. Not too certain when I’ll get to see an actual copy, but I will be available for book-signings etc!

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