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Book launch party?

The publishers, Vamptasy, are holding a party on the 1st October to celebrate their official launch. To make the event as impressive as possible they’re going to have on display all the books that are already available in paperback format and special pre-release versions of those in the pipeline, full list below.

R.B. Clague – twenty twisted tales
John tomaino – the white room
Riley steel – Red’s Robin
Tony Paul de Vissage – sweet sips of Blood
Nigel Moxley – The splines
Robin renee ray – Dark knight of the skye, return of the prophecy(pre release),
when she wakes(mini back), damnation (mini back)
Robin r Longley – Forever lost (mini-back)
Guy betar – unexpected meeting ( Mini back)
Donald Gorman- Driving while dead
Deborah Noel – Tangled Bloodline
Donna Milward – thoeba
Peter Bernfeld – A man out of time (pre release)
Trish maudlin – becoming the sheriffs wife (pre-release)
David cosgrove – digby the awakening (pre release)
Kathi s barton past due (mini back)
Rue Volley – Blood and light(pre release) Smoke and mirrors (pre release)
Riley steel – The taming of Ilona (pre release)
Nicola ormerod – Roxy May
Josh buckle- the rise (pre-release)

As it happens, I will be in the UK on the 1st of October and I’ve asked Nicola (the publisher) if she would like me to attend. Gosh, could this be my first book signing? They are working on having a Skype video link so their authors overseas can join in the fun! I’ll keep you posted.
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