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5.0 out of 5 stars: The darkest West Country has a secret
29 July 2012
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
So, super villains in the James Bond mould, operating in the deepest West Country (my luvver), using devious methods of executing their enemies and confounding; the local police, SAS, MI5, MI6 and Special branch. Take a mixture of lunacy and Cornish pasties, mixed up with a glowing kitten and you get a really funny story that also manages to keep you guessing what on earth is going on. The plot is very clever with a wealth of believable technical detail that involves the reader but could never be accused of taking itself seriously - not in the slightest. A great fun read and I want to know what happens in the sequel - because there has to be one.

Larry Jeram-Croft

Detective Chief Inspector Leon Karno is a damn good detective, and damn indifferent to office politics.
Assistant Chief Constable Minerva Vanne is a damn indifferent detective, but very, very good at office politics. Karno may be her steppingstone to becoming Chief Constable, only he’s not a team player.

Approximately two years seven months three days and 19 hours from retirement, Karno thinks he might have stumbled into the biggest case of his career. Investigating a series of apparently unconnected murders, he begins to join the dots and make connections. Witnesses keep blowing up, and as his investigation progresses he begins to see a pattern in what at first appeared to be a random series of murders. What is the connection between the balloon pilot, scrap metal merchants, vintage car restorers and the mysterious CIA? And more importantly, why does his newly adopted kitten glow-in-the-dark?

If you chuckled at the antics of Wilt, smiled at Dangerous Davies and laughed at Inspector Capstan, you’ll wipe away tears of mirth as you follow Karno’s exploits.

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