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Very funny, just like all this authors work.
I enjoyed this read very much. Quite surreal at times, but very inventive. How he comes up with the plots I'll never know. The characters are well developed, but of course some of them barking mad. The other books from this author are also worth a go.

Old Salt

How will Karno go about arresting and claw-printing a gun-toting parrot?
In deepest darkest Cornishire Detective Sergeant Leon Karno of Cornishire CID has several thorny problems to grapple with in this hilarious new case. The late Jacca Bargus, whose body was found in his parent’s front garden, has obviously been shot, but was it murder or suicide? Karno resolves that question with the help of Doc Carver and the forensics team, but other questions remain.
Who is the mysterious gunman on Arthur’s Tor?
Which Cornishire beach prefers to be known as Esmeralda?
Did Wild Bill really see a shape-changing van?
Who exactly are ‘The Evil Ones’, and what were they doing that was so evil?
Finding the answer to these questions taxes Karno’s ingenuity as he relentlessly closes in on the murderer in this latest rib-tickling tale from Karno’s casebook.

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