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Cover for the new book

I’m on the final straight with the new book. Down to the last couple of chapters in fact but then of course there’s more proof reading and editing. The title of the book is The Kaieteur Caper. It’s a DCI Karno story and is set in Guyana where entirely coincidentally I visited back in 2009. Funny old thing that. Anyway, Kaieteur refers to the Kaieteur Falls which again I visited and obviously took some photos of.

My question to you

Which photo would you prefer to see on the front cover? My multi-talented daughter Pauline has, in a moment of weakness, indicated that she would help with the graphic design so hopefully this cover will be better than previous ones. No, not hopefully, it will be always provided the photos are of a suitable quality. So, which do you prefer?





Kaieteur 3



Kaieteur 2


None of the above in which case ‘Houston (or should that be Pauline?)  we have a problem!’

One of the problems with the photos is they were stored on my now-defunct Mac Powerbook, a truly wonderful graphic machine which even I could use to add text to photos, edit with ease and generally actually produce rather good graphics, even if I say so myself and quite possibly I’m the only one who would say so.. Yes, I did back-up the photos (and videos) on an external hard drive but that drive was formatted for Mac IOS and guess what? My PC/Windows can’t read the hard drive! I retrieved these photos from my Picassa on-line album but maybe the quality is not all that it might be. This is where perhaps Pauline has let herself in for rather more than she bargained for! Sorry Kiddo, that’ll teach you to be helpful.

Anyway, do let me know which one you prefer. Hopefully I should finish writing the book in the next couple of days. After that I expect I’ll be occupied with some urgent repairs on the boat and then I’ll be shifting location so actual publication date? Well I’ve been wrong before (by about four months as it turns out) so if I said sometime in September, how’s that?

Other news

No news actually. I still have no idea when the first of my books is going to appear courtesy of Alpha Wolf publishing. Emma the Agent has counseled patience and pointed out that it’s unusual for a publisher to contract to take several books from an author in one go. I know that originally when A-W took-on a whole slew of new works they undertook to have them all published by the end of the year. We’ll see but in the meantime whilst not exactly encouraged by the silence I’m not despondent. A-W is a small Indie publisher and I know first hand how much work is involved after writing one book  prior to publication, let alone the fifty-odd that A-W have taken on.


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