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Looking for a hero.

One of the questions I ask myself is ‘what do I write about after I’ve finished the current book?’ Right now, that might not seem to be an issue, Emma the Agent is actively seeking a publisher for the first Eliezer book, I’m about halfway through the follow- on book, and Emma also has the edited, final version of ‘Augustus’ to wade through and try and flog at some stage. But I don’t have what I think of as a repeatable hero. Certainly, Eliezer and Danny Ben Asher may well feature in a third book. Augustus’s work for British Intelligence may well bear recounting at some stage, either as a series of connected short stories or a short novel of 90,000 words or thereabouts, again right at the start I had that idea in mind, but unless I turn him into a sort of Sherlock Holmes, he has a limited life.

I have some hopes for DCI Karno. I’ve written about four chapters and had some fun doing it. There would undoubtably be other cases that he would be involved in, but I saw him as a one-off, humorous character.

So, that leaves me looking for a hero. Whilst looking for spare parts for the boat on the Internet, I stumbled across a rumour of a little known pirate who, of course, operated mainly in the Caribbean, but sometimes in Florida or New York, and was known as Black Bagel. Some of you may be aware of a book titled ‘Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean’, one of the books I unfortunately lost in the shipwreck. However, I remember clearly that Black Bagel was not mentioned, which was a shame because to my mind he is one of the more enigmatic characters of that time. Research is difficult at the moment, due to various other commitments, but there are suggestions that it might of been he, rather than the Dutch, who snaffled an entire years worth of Spanish gold and silver in one fell swoop, off Hispaniola. When I have more time, I will research more thoroughly, but what I have learnt, or rather come across whispers of, is his long standing feud with what I assumed was the Spanish Inquisition. It now appears that the organisation that he frequently crossed cutlasses with was even more secretive than the Inquisition. Again, this is only a whisper, but I believe the organisation might have been called ‘The Early Church of the Premature Saints.’ More research is needed.

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