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Lunch with a film producer

Well OK, let’s be totally honest here, I went up to London for a couple of days to stay with my daughter, who is pursuing a career in the media industry, but hey! One day, I’m sure she’ll be producing ads if not films. We went to Simpsons on the Strand for a very expensive lunch, well I hadn’t seen her for two years and may not see her again for another two. Simpsons figures in my ‘Doctor Augustus Pierre LeMesurier’ novel, which is about to be edited them marketed. speaking of novels and one step forward and a shuffle back, Vamptasy (who published ‘A Man out of Time) have run into some financial difficulties, which means that they are no longer handling me as an author (amongst others, I’m not alone in having my contract broken). Emma the Agent is reviewing the editing that I’ve sent her and will be frantically proof reading, prior to submitting the revised manuscript to other publishing houses by the end of this month. I should get my royalties from Vamptasy by January, but true to slightly disorganized form they neglected to tell me how many copies had actually been sold. As Emma said, never mind these things happen for a reason! I’m jetting off back to Fiji next week. Back to reality, i.e. boat repairs. Apparently things are progressing well. A pity that spares have proven so expensive in this country AND very few companies will actually ship stuff, they all want to use couriers. A bit pricey when you want a new stove and hob! I’ve also found that even going to see companies face to face doesn’t guarantee better service. Hey ho. One last party on Sunday, then I’ll start work on editing firstly the Tim stories, then ‘Augustus’.

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