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A question for all you marketing gurus out there.

Now here’s a funny thing…

I offered Kittie Cracks Case free to download for three days the middle of this month (January). There were a total of 804 downloads world-wide, which was gratifying and would, or so I hoped, lead to an increase both in sales and interest in my work.

I imagined that those who downloaded Kittie Cracks Case  for free, always assuming they liked what they read of course, would then buy other available titles . It hasn’t quite worked out that way. In the two weeks since the end of the free promo people have brought fifty six copies of Kittie Cracks Case, four copies of the book of short stories and four copies of the new book Polly Picked the Pistol Up.

To me this perhaps indicates that most of the free-downloaders either didn’t like the book or haven’t read it yet. Most of the reviews that were generated as a result of the offer were favourable so…. I don’t quite know what to make of it! Anybody got any ideas/comments please.

In the meantime

The second illustrated children’s book, The Legend of Tim Turpin is in the final stages of editing and having some new illustrations added by John Barnett. I have to say that it’s looking really good and when finished will be submitted to Emma the Agent for marketing. Apparently some interest has been shown in the first book of the Tim series, Trembling Tim the Two-Tone Tiger.

Now don’t hold your breath here folks but Emma seems to be optimistic about a two book deal with the Eliezer novels, provisionally titled Eliezer’s Journey and Eliezer’s Return.

So all in all as January draws to a close and the flooding on the Brisbane River subsides I feel quite content with life. It will be interesting to see if sales continue or whether this last two weeks proves to be a flash in the pan.

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  1. John says:

    Hi Pete, Well to be honest I download a lot of free books for my kindle (had already paid for yours though!), I use a site which lists the daily free ones & you can select genres. As there are loads available I tend not to bother looking for other books from the same author & have often wondered whether the free offers do much good in terms of sales, guess you have confirmed my thoughts !!!
    I did think that your recent exploits would make a good story in something like Yachting Monthly ???
    Good luck.

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