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Volunteers, one pace forward, march!

Beta readers required, please. I’m just over the halfway mark in the new novella, and with four days off coming up, I should have it finished by next week. I would like a couple of people to take a look at it when I’ve finished the first draft. I don’t want any editing–although I would appreciate any major discrepancies being pointed out–and I don’t want proofreading–although if you notice typos, let me know. What I would like are opinions on the plot and the ending. In other words, even if this is not a genre that you would normally read, is it readable and does the plot hang together? Have I paced the story about right, too slow, too fast? Oh yes, the genre. Think humorous paranormal with a bit of occult jiggery-pokery–poltergeists, kidnapped spirits of the recently deceased and a C of E vicar from Barbados battling the forces of evil, who are having a bit of a demonstic domestic.


I think I’d like a maximum of two, maybe three beta readers, but there is a catch. Because I’m really wanting to get this published in the next couple of weeks, you’ll have to be fast readers. The book will be around 30-36K words, in easily digestible lumps chapters, around 1000 words each. At the moment, I haven’t succeeded in finding a program to turn a Word file into Kindle format on my iMac, so I can send you the file in pdf format or Word format…sorry about that. Oh, I do have a way of putting it into ibook format for use on an iPad. Your reward? You’ll get a dedication, by name if you like, in the first couple of pages. Over to you, anybody interested?


If you’re interested, contact me via email please, either




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