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What do you think?

An idea for the cover of my forthcoming eBook

I’m busy writing an eBook at the moment, hopefully ready for self-publication on Amazon, Kindle format, in a month.  All I need to do is finish it!

Something of a first for me,  I have the entire book planned out and chapter contents written in longhand on paper. Paper, hang on a minute, it’ll come back to me.

I am just over halfway through it, so a month is probably a realistic target if I don’t go insane first. The boat is taking far longer to complete than it should have done, the main delay now being the re-installation of the engines. If you aren’t familiar with the saga, read about it here

Anyway, be that as it may, what do you think of this?

Let me know what you think.




  1. Vince says:

    Hi Pete,
    Adina's one savvy looking cat alright (with a natty blue collar!) and he's always inspecting inside drawers and closets and shopping bags but now you have me hooked.. waiting for the detective story, that is.

    1. Hi Vince,
      I'm now locked in negotiations with Adina over the use of his photo on the cover. Like many Fijians who hear I'm going to sail to Australia he wanted to come with me.
      I countered with an offer of a large sack of 'crunchy cat food'.
      He wants 'Chef Tom's' gourmet cat food for life.
      I added a tin of chicken with a hint of mouse to my original offer.
      He's thinking about it.

  2. Vince says:

    Egg, he's been addicted since kittenhood to egg. He'll give over if you mix an egg into the chicken and mouse flavoured cat treat.

    Has the fur grown back on his backside and tail?

    Don't what to say about the engine saga. Pity Henning couldn't do the job. (Pete the German has his doubts about Henning's skill with fibreglass but Smiley does seem to know marine diesel engines!)

    1. He has a 'full head of hair', if you can say that about a tail area!
      I'll try the egg mix.
      Henning will probably take a look at the engines tomorrow. 'Dead man Walking' Martin is supposedly plumbing in the damaged engine today. I'm going to stay away as I'm not sure I could avoid throttling him right now. As we both know opinion 'around the bar' is an unreliable thing, but the consensus appears to be that his behaviour is certainly bordering on the fraudulent. Once this is over, however it ends, I will be writing to the various 'yottie sites' to warn people not to use him. Whether they publish or not is another matter of course.

  3. mrblueskies says:

    Strange can't answer questions on the ithingy.
    A1. As far as it needs to
    A2. 3.7 seconds if you are Frank Spencer….of course not assembled correctly
    A3. 31 rounds not an option on the Glock 18 I believe? 33 standard and choice of 10,17 and 19 options.

    Do I get a mouse too?

    1. According to an American site, 31 is an option, and they should know! actually, the manufacturer's site confirmed that, but now I'm getting emails with all sorts of strange offers, and two 'men in black' wanted to speak to me the other day. There did seem to be some confusion, was it 31 or 33, but I couldn't find out if the extended magazine fitted forward of the trigger or was simply a larger 'plug-in' to the butt housing of the original mag.
      Squeek squeek!
      Have two for replying!

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