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So, my not so old and definitely not so faithful Toshiba laptop stopped playing DVDs a couple of nights ago. It had been playing up for a couple of weeks and had previously been marched down to PC World where—naturally—it immediately performed as advertised.

Being the tec-savvy person that I am –lol—I downloaded updated CD drivers. No difference. Yesterday after work (an early finish) we, Tosh and I, went for a drive to PC World. Tosh refused to accept the usual password and I was unable to ‘get in’. Using my new all-singing, all-dancing Smartphone, I did as the screen advised and reset my Microsoft password. Still unable to get access, the only solution proposed was a factory reset. I’ve done one of those before and it took ages. A mere £50 later and the job was done but still I/we could not gain access. We played at being Burglar Bill and performed a forced entry—fine but the CD player was now confirmed as being faulty and the laptop would have to be sent away for about ten days to be fixed—under warranty. I was able to confirm that my Microsoft password had been reset and the Microsoft account was OK. This meant that Tosh was a bit suspect other departments as well as the CD drive, as the factory reset– did I mention it was a mere £50–should have fixed any ‘infections’ which were causing problems.


Whilst the factory reset was being done—it took about thirty minutes—I wandered around the store. I know from past experience that this is always an expensive mistake but this time, as I’m still getting on a financial even keel and have no spare cash to speak of, I felt I was safe enough….hah!


PC World are authorised Apple resellers, you know. I used to have a Mac Powerbook and I really liked it until it succumbed to the life aquatic—a fairly desperate dingy ride ashore in Fiji after I had parked Trouters on the reef outside Suva harbour finally did for it but it took several months to completely expire. At the time, I couldn’t afford a direct replacement so I purchased an Asus net book—I’m using it to write this article and I’m really pleased it still works. The 90% (American) keyboard is not too bad to touch type on and it uses Windows 7. Yes folks, I still hate Windows 8, even after using it for nigh-on twelve months. Anyway, wandering around the store, admiring TV sets whose screens were bigger than my current living room, I kept going down the ‘Apple Aisle’. Inevitably—this was PC World after all—a salesman approached. We spoke of laptops and desktops, compatibility with MS Word and what came as standard. PC World must pay good wages, he has a Powerbook and a desktop. If I didn’t really need the portability, the 27” all singing, all dancing desktop was the way to go…much more ‘bang for the buck’, as it were. Summoning up all my willpower—or more accurately ‘won’t power’—I said I was only looking and anyway, due to being in rented accommodation, my bank account/cards weren’t registered to my current address and so I was—alas but fortunately—ineligible for their various easy-pay-but-nevertheless-you -still-have-to-pay schemes. I continued to prowl, but I swear the damn 27”-er was winking at me every time I happened to glance in it’s direction. Once I even thought it blew me a kiss.  Drawn inexorably down the ‘Apple Aisle’, as I passed I heard a seductive whisper; go on, you know you want me.


New regulations in the UK—coming into force in April—allow a chap to raid his pension pot. I am going to in order to finally clear some debts—and you know where this is going, don’t you? I’m off work until next Wednesday and I’m going to see my Stepmother in Bournemouth. On the way to Bournemouth, I have to drive right by Southampton, where there is an Apple dealer. The real dealer, not a re-seller. PC World may be very convenient and the staff all very pleasant but somehow it reminds me of various shonky used car dealers I have known. Anyway, I have the hard drive off the old Powerbook and the various DVDs I made of my six year sailing trip are on there, not to mention hundreds of photos. Perhaps the Apple Chaps can manage to connect the two and I can retrieve them. Now, this is all highly theoretical at the moment–except I do have enough credit left on the credit card and it is a very shiny computer. It’s not sensible. I shouldn’t do it and the Toshiba will be back in ten days, as good as new.


I never did like that Toshiba and it wasn’t that good when it was new.


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