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I have a contract!

Great news, this morning Emma the Agent emailed a contract, so todays ‘boat jobs’ will be primarily printing off a copy, signing it, scanning it and emailing it back. Then I guess I’d better post off a hard copy.
The book will be initially published in e format, and available in Kindle/Ipad & pdf formats. If all goes well, some two months after that it will be available in ‘paper format’ and will be carried by Amazon and other major retailers.
Right, so now this weekend I need to finish the article I am aiming at a couple of sailing magazines then review what I’ve written so far of the follow-on book, which Emma feels the publisher would also like to carry.
Other works will be easier to sell once I have some sort of track record. Good news indeed, but no champers just yet, there’s a lot of books to sell before my home is afloat again and I can continue my adventures in the Pacific. Hopefully, I’ve already experienced all the really exciting adventures and I’ll be able to enjoy peaceful sun-downers with convivial company in quiet anchorages.
The publishers web site is being upgraded right now, but the address is:

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