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Thanks doesn’t begin to cover it.

Carolyn & Andy are off early tomorrow morning, so we had a farewell lunch/beer and they dropped me off back at Rose & Vince’s, nobody likes protracted goodbyes. All I can say is that a lot of ‘boat jobs’ have got done over the last two weeks that most likely wouldn’t have been done and the boost to my morale has been immense.
So, today was spent mainly collecting my Mac from the Apple dealer then returning it when I found the the ‘o’ & ‘9’ keys didn’t work. I have to go back tomorrow to pick it up, by a combination of ‘shanks’ pony’ and taxi rather than hire car!
Tomorrow then is Apple day and ‘drop off the davit for repair’ day. That will probably do it, but I’ll most likely remove if not clean the headlining in my cabin.
Now pay attention, although I’m certain that I’ll be saying this more than once in the not too distant future. I’m pretty damn certain that I’m going to have to find gainful employment, doing something somewhere in the World.
Flying is out because it would take too long/cost too much to reactivate my medical and licence then find a job (:
Standing under a lampost is out because at 6p a go it would take forever to raise what I think I’m going to need 🙂
Anything else would be considered anywhere where I can legally work. Apart from the obvious menial jobs I reckon I can turn my hand to pretty much anything, maybe something in the writing line?
Anybody got any ideas/jobs? Please contact me at either email address

Fiji: +679 9212518

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