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Schedule, what schedule?

Finally, I’ve uploaded the file for Victor in the Netherworld to Amazon–KDP to be precise. Now, I usually hit the publish button as soon as I upload the file and the cover, but this time I want to do a little research into keywords before I do. Unfortunately, the day job beckons, so that will have to wait until tomorrow evening (sigh). In any event, sometime this weekend the book that I know you’ve all been waiting for will be available in Kindle format. Hopefully by the middle of next week it will be available in paperback.


V1Occult detectives Barnikel and Fearnaught unexpectedly find themselves in the Netherworld. Or to be more accurate, Victor Fearnaught unexpectedly found himself there, he thought he was going on a picnic.

Reverend Bahati Barnikel might have known what was coming, but she didn’t mention it.

What exactly is The Netherworld?

Why are they in The Netherworld?

Who or what will they have to confront?

Will they return once they have completed their task?

The answers to these, and other questions, are revealed in this latest adventure in the Barnikel and Fearnaught Occult Detectives series.

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